Panic and Anxiety Disorder. How I Overcame It.

Hey Ted here,

If you’re looking to rid yourself of panic and anxiety disorder, then you’ve found the right website and can I suggest you keep reading to hear my story.

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For over 5 years anxiety and panic disorder blighted my life and made what most people would consider to be everyday, normal tasks, become extremely fearful.

In my case it was all travel related and in particular, driving situations. I used to drive loads, with no problems, then gradually the panic disorder symptoms started to appear especially on long journeys. I would set off and almost immediately the fear factors would creep into my head. What might go wrong? What if I crashed and there was no hospital close by? I might get stuck in a tunnel or on a bridge, the weather might turn against us and prevent us from reaching our destination. All manner of highly unlikely scenarios were gripping me and the result was a tight chest, gasping for breath, sweating and a feeling of nausea, eventually leading to regular panic anxiety disorder attacks.

It got to the stage where long journeys were out of the question, even using public transport and this massively messed up family life as I struggled to psyche myself up for any type of holiday away from home, knowing the intense fear it would bring on.

The medication wasn’t helping and I’d tried all the doctor’s recommendations to no avail, so I knew that unless something worked my marriage would be over due to the stress the condition was causing, therefore I had to find a solution to get my life back on track.

Surfing the net one day I came across another method that promised success. I’d tried everything up to this point, but gave it a go as it was simple and easy to understand. Wow, what a revelation, the results were almost instant.

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I tried the techniques in a variety of previously fearful situations and I began to learn how to deal with them. I tried a few tentative car journeys, locally first then gradually moved out of the city and onto the main roads, each time managing a little further without incident. Buses and trains now became an option again and we finally had our first holiday involving flight, which would have been an impossibility a few months prior to that. The result is a completely different person, happy and relaxed again, making up on all the missed opportunities that anxiety therapy has now allowed me to achieve.

I just wish I’d discovered it earlier, a panic attacks treatment that actually works and has given me my life back. It’s now been a long time since my last attack and the difference now is the confidence I’ve got to deal with all the driving and travel situations that used to fill me with fear and bring on my panic and anxiety disorder.
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Do I Have Panic And Anxiety Disorder ?

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Panic And Anxiety Disorder

Hi Ted Bowman here. I'm a middle aged guy, who for years had anxiety problems in travel situations, until I discovered there was a solution and I learned how to combat the signs. The turnaround was a life changing feeling that I'd like to share with you.

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